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Connect IT Specialists are proud to deliver business solutions and consultancy services using latest technologies to small-medium organizations in Australia. We are following tried and tested industry-standards.Our certified and experienced Technical team provide a range of services, products, and solutions, including IT support, Home Tech Support, Disaster Recovery, SEO, Social Media Marketing, and cloud services. Through a flexible remote or onsite support model, our team aim to provide supportive solutions whilst delivering remarkable customer service. We are highly responsive, keeping you safe by responding within 15 minutes to emergencies, and answering phone calls within 5 rings or less.

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Connect it specialists

How we can help your business?

Social Media Marketing

Are you aware abot the ways to engage, listen and build relationship with your clients?

There’s a lot to consider when using social media

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool, with over 2.5 billion people utilizing it. Taking advantage of this can be a huge opportunity to establish an online presence and attract potential customers. It's imperative that you don't overlook this valuable audience, as it's likely that your customers are already using social media. Utilizing social media can help you establish your brand, drive traffic, and facilitate content sharing.

There are many factors to consider when using social media. Building a following takes time, but our team of social media experts can assist you in creating engaging content targeted at the right audience to help grow your brand. Our qualified team researches buyer personas, determines the best way to connect with them, creates social media schedules, and develops strategies to increase engagement and impact. Developing your social media presence is connected to other areas such as SEO, content creation, and video marketing, all of which can help establish a strong online presence and business strategy.

Why Connect IT

  • Our social media management services are comprehensive, aimed at helping businesses maximize their social media presence and reach.
  • Our team of experts can assist you in creating compelling content, optimizing your social media profiles and campaigns, and evaluating the impact of your efforts.
  • We provide detailed analytics to help you understand the performance of your social media campaigns and make informed decisions.
  • Our team employs advanced tools and techniques to monitor and track conversations related to your brand, which enables us to respond quickly and accurately.
  • We also offer strategic advice and consultation to help you identify the most suitable social media channels and develop effective strategies to engage with your target audience.
  • Our team has extensive experience in managing multiple social media accounts and can help you manage your accounts across various platforms.
  • We can collaborate with you to design and execute successful social media campaigns that improve your brand's visibility, engagement, and sales.





Why is SEO essential for online success?

Optimizing your website for search engines through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial way to market your business content and drive traffic, leads, and customers. The purpose of producing content is defeated if it doesn't generate traffic, leads, or customers. Implementing SEO strategies will ensure that your business reaps the benefits, and our team is here to help optimize your website. We will make sure to use effective links, improve page speeds, enhance domain authority, and create an overall user experience that will result in better performance on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

By optimizing your website, search engines such as Google will reward your business with better visibility in search results. Neglecting your website's SEO is not an option as it can have a negative impact on your business's online presence.

We Use Simple Solutions, To Get Your Website Found.


We find the leading keywords that your clientele are using to find your products and services.

Onsite Optimisation

We identify the strengths and weaknesses of your website, and make improvements to ensure your website meets as many ranking factors as possible.

SEO Audits

Through the use of modern tools, we identify the weaker parts of your website and provide an actionable report.

Local SEO

We use local SEO campaigns if your business is defined within a certain geographical area, or you have multiple locations.

National SEO

No matter where you’re based, we can use national SEO to help your business reach more people around the country.

Influencer Outreach

To help share your content and create inbound links, we find industry influencers and bloggers to work with your company.

Managed IT Services

Will our company manage the technological aspects, allowing you to focus on business development and growth?

In the field of IT, it's a given that things will be uncertain. Technical issues, software malfunction, and other complications are bound to arise. The way you handle them can mean the difference between a minor setback and a major crisis for your company. Are you willing to take that risk?

Our comprehensive suite of managed IT services is designed to put your mind at ease, providing round-the-clock monitoring and support so you can focus on growing your business. We keep a watchful eye on your systems, ensure that updates are installed, protect against viruses, and verify the proper functioning of your backups, among other things. By catching and resolving small issues before they escalate into major problems, we can often fix issues before you're even aware of them.



We monitor your network activity 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and when a system or service breaks, our support staff jump in to investigate right away. We'll work to fix the problem after it's been found - often before you're even aware there's a problem.


Our Help Desk is based in Australia and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our highly-trained technicians are available by phone, email, or web-based chat and are ready to assist you with any technology questions you may have as well as providing rapid, professional assistance for a number of software products.


Our data backup and continuity solution ensures that your vital data is secure, backed up, and accessible whenever you need it – even in the event of a network outage or disaster – so you'll never have to worry about losing data again.


We also provide a wide range of specialized projects to help you enhance your IT infrastructure, such as software installations, migrations, setups and configurations, and more. There are more than 85 tasks to select from, and best of all, our professionals can complete the job overnight or over the weekend, ensuring that your business is not disrupted.


  • Monitoring of your network and systems, including servers, workstations, and mobile devices, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Any processes or services that fail require troubleshooting and remediation
  • Patching, Service Pack installation, and anti-virus assistance are all available
  • Management and verification of data backups
  • Full-service Help Desk service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days
  • And more!

Disaster Recovery

Are you ready for the potential devastation caused by a sudden IT outage in your business?

Mistakes made by humans, equipment or software failure, cyber-attacks, and natural calamities can occur at any time, affecting any company. It is crucial to ensure that your business resumes operations as soon as possible. Even if you have data backup measures in place, various incidents can still make it difficult to keep vital aspects of the business functioning. 

Disaster recovery (DR) planning involves more than just backing up data. A comprehensive disaster recovery plan outlines not only how to restore mission-critical applications, but also how to relocate essential personnel. Planning for potential disasters in advance is always more effective and less costly than reacting to a disaster after it has occurred.

Why Connect IT

  • Cost-effective: Disaster recovery services with us are cost-effective as they are tailored to suit the specific needs of the customer.
  • Customizable: Our disaster recovery services are customizable to ensure that the customer’s needs are met.
  • Comprehensive: Our disaster recovery services cover all aspects of disaster recovery, from data protection to system recovery.
  • Reliable: Our disaster recovery services are reliable and secure, ensuring that your data is protected and backed up.
  • Scalable: Our disaster recovery services are scalable, allowing for future growth and expansion.
  • Experienced: Our team of experienced professionals is well-versed in disaster recovery and can provide the necessary guidance and support.
  • Comprehensive Support: Our disaster recovery services provide comprehensive support, from data recovery to system recovery.
  • Proactive: Our disaster recovery services are proactive, allowing for quick response and recovery.
  • Flexible: Our disaster recovery services are flexible, allowing for customization and scalability.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Our disaster recovery services provide comprehensive reporting, ensuring that you are aware of the status of your disaster recovery plan.



Staff Augmentation Services

Throughout the Connect IT Specialists journey, Staff Augmentation has been a crucial element in meeting our customers' demands. This business unit has evolved into a significant growth pillar, granting customers access to adaptable and skilled IT professionals, readily available onsite on short notice, and from a company they have confidence in.

Leveraging the expertise of Connect IT Specialists' talented pool, our engineers can be present at your workplace for a day, a month, or more, covering staff absences and high-demand business periods. We offer hands-on guidance and support for project rollouts, extensive deployments, or managing your daily technology requirements.

Connect IT Specialists' Staff Augmentation Services empower your ICT by swiftly deploying IT professionals to assist you precisely when and where you need it. We bring our services to your location, and you only pay for the services you use, enabling your business to cut costs while gaining specialized expertise.

We can help overcome common staffing challenges faced by businesses, including headcount restrictions, addressing skill shortages, quickly scaling to meet the evolving digital landscape, and handling cyclical workloads. Our services encompass implementation, management, and support across a broad spectrum of projects, rapidly deploying skilled team members to complement your workforce precisely when required. Our highly trained experts cover every aspect of IT, including data management, digital services, and security information and operations.

Connect IT Specialists' Staff Augmentation Services seamlessly integrate with your existing team, under your management, while benefiting from 'back to base' support from Connect IT Specialists' senior-level experts.

We recognize that predicting the level of support your organization will require on a monthly basis can be challenging. Our assurance lies in providing IT expertise promptly, stepping in when in-house skills or external support agreements fall short.

We take pride in offering Services Support Packages designed to assist your business during times of need.

ITIL 4 Training

The ITIL® 4 Foundation certification represents the initial tier within the ITIL 4 certification framework.

Connect IT Specialists provides two distinct course alternatives tailored to diverse student profiles:

  1. Certification course for ITIL 4 Foundation.
  2. Fast Track certification course for ITIL 4 Foundation, specifically designed for students possessing practical working experience in IT and Service Management.

ITIL 4, the Pinnacle of IT Service Management

ITIL 4 is recognized as a transformative force that has revitalized the landscape of IT Service Management. The advanced insights provided by ITIL 4 Foundation training empower organizations to excel in their digital transformation endeavors, emphasizing the creation and delivery of value to their customers. A product of extensive global research and development efforts within the IT and service management sectors, the latest iteration of ITIL 4 is strategically crafted to assist organizations in addressing the escalating challenges of the contemporary digital landscape. It achieves this by incorporating principles from Agile, DevOps, and Design Thinking.

Learning Outcomes

  1. The objective of the ITIL 4 Foundation training and certification program is to enable each participant to:
  2. Grasp and apply ITIL terminology and fundamental concepts
  3. Comprehend the four dimensions of service management
  4. Offering a comprehensive approach to delivering service value to customers
  5. Familiarize themselves with ITIL Management Practices
  6. Acquire a thorough understanding of the ITIL Service Value System Apprehend the ITIL Guiding Principles, recognizing the importance of Governance and Continuous Improvement

Who Should Attend?

The ITIL 4 Foundation course is suitable for:

  1. Individuals employed in an IT setting seeking a fundamental grasp of the ITIL Best Practice framework.
  2. Individuals desiring a more in-depth understanding of how organizations can leverage ITIL to improve the quality of IT services and their management.
  3. Those with an interest in the subject, including Business Owners, IT Managers, Project Managers, Service Desk staff, Operations staff, and Developers.


ITIL 4  Foundation Course (2 days) + Certificate Exam

  • Live Virtual Training: $1,190 + gst
  • Face-to-Face Training: $1,399 + gst

Exam and Additional Information

Live Virtual Training = Attendees of the ITIL 4 Foundation Virtual Training program will receive an online exam voucher, allowing them to take the exams at a time and date of their preference within three months of completing the course. The web-proctored exams, administered by the examination institute PEOPLECERT, are accessible 24/7.

Face-to-Face Training = Participants in the ITIL 4 Foundation Face-to-Face Training program will undergo a paper-based exam conducted in class at the conclusion of day 2.

The ITIL foundation exam features:

  • Multiple-choice examination questions
  • 40 questions
  • A minimum of 26 marks needed to pass (out of 40 available) – 65%
  • 60 minutes duration
  • Closed book


There are no pre-requisites for this course.

IT Support Internship

Kick-Start Your Exciting IT Career with

An Information Technology Support Internship Program today!

Connect IT Specialists is known as one of the best places to get IT internships and career coaching in Australia. Our special program has helped more than 100's IT students and graduates start great careers in Australia. Our experienced career consultants can help you get your dream IT job today.

Our IT Internship Program ensures you land a job three times faster!

Getting a job in IT can be hard if you don't have real-world IT experience. Big IT companies want IT graduates who are ready for work, with strong technical skills and internship experience. Our IT Internship Program in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide has helped lots of IT students and graduates find great jobs in Information Technology. You could be next!

Our IT Internships Program Includes:

Onsite Training: Gain 12 weeks of practical experience as an IT Intern in your preferred IT area, working alongside industry experts and IT professionals in Australia.

Career Training: Our career training will improve your IT resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile, boosting your chances of landing more IT job interviews.

Real-World IT Experience: Gain practical, technical expertise through firsthand experience as an IT Intern in various IT support domains, such as IT Service Management (ITSM), ITIL framework, Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM), Microsoft 365, Azure, and IT project management.

Become Job-Ready: Acquire crucial 12-week exposure across diverse IT industry segments, along with valuable job references, equipping you with the confidence to secure lucrative graduate positions in IT ahead of the competition.


Automate Your Entire Restaurant Operation

With Our Complete Restaurant Ordering & Booking System


What Client's Says?

I have availed the services of Connect IT Specialists multiple times for my home IT support. Their services are excellent, and their technicians are extremely friendly and possess strong technical skills. I highly recommend Connect IT Specialists for any home tech support needs or IT consultations.


Viola Sabah
Home User

These guys are amazing and i am happy to give them a well deserved 5-star. Professionalism displayed by their team was exemplary. They were genuinely dedicated to addressing all my business IT needs. System support to digital marketing and all IT needs these guys are highly recommended.
Thank you for your support.

Anand KC
Flame Trees Burger Bar

This team cares about the customer and does anything possible things to make them happy and satisfied with their work. They deliver on their promises, no matter how long they have to work overtime. They are very responsive with good communication and provide daily, detailed updates of their work up on the request.

Restaurant Owner

I recently had the pleasure of working with Connect IT Specialists on an IT project - connecting the IT cables in our computer lab at our college, and I couldn't be more impressed with their professionalism and expertise. From start to finish, they demonstrated a level of skill and commitment that truly sets them apart in the IT industry. In an industry where costs can often skyrocket, Connect IT Specialists proved that quality work doesn't have to come with a price tag.

Richard Truong (Director: Opulence College)

Connect it specialists
Connect it specialists

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