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Online Ordering

Our online restaurant management system will help you transform your restaurant website into a money-making machine in short time. No matters how much your business grows, you will always be able to take free unlimited orders with zero commissions from your own website. Online Ordering Our online ordering systems allow restaurants and food businesses to serve their customers through their own website. Customers browse menu items. Select what to order, place their orders and make payment through your own restaurant website. Offering online ordering on your own website brings several benefits for both restaurants and your customers.


  • Make it easier for your customer to browse your menu on your website
  • Make it easier for your customer to order
  • Contactless and safe
  • Streamlined restaurant operations
  • More time for customers to browse the menu
  • Higher customers spend
  • Highly customizable
  • Understand your customer better

Online Reservation

Online Reservation Our system comes with a table reservation management system that enables your customers to book a table online via a restaurant’s website over the phone.


  • No per booking fees or commissions
  • It is very convenient and fast for you and your customers
  • Customers can book table anytime using your website means that your business is open for 24/7
  • It reduces human errors
  • Automate the process of upselling
  • Grow your marketing and online presence

QR Code Table Ordering

QR Code Table Ordering Our system comes with a QR code ordering where your customers can scan QR codes to access your restaurant menu on their phones without downloading any mobile application, order food directly and make the payment easily from their mobile. It offers customer place their orders immediately after they check-in which will reduce wait-time and increase average time spend per customer.


  • Reduce staff costs
  • Improve service and guest Experience
  • Easy to update items and prices on a digital menu
  • Increase in average order volume
  • Branded dining experience
  • Secure and streamlined checkout