Job that doesnt require coding
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Job that doesnt require coding

Are you stuck in a career where you are not satisfied with what you are doing? 
Are you among those people who want to seek a job but don't know how to code or are not interested in coding? 

If yes, this article is for you. In this article, I am going to tell you some of the jobs that you can seek your career in without having a bit of knowledge of coding. 

There are a lot of jobs that do not require coding but we never thought of them. Many companies are searching for people with other skills than just coding. Here are the top 5 jobs that don't involve coding and you can pursue easily:

1) Graphic Designer: A graphic designer is a person who is responsible for making all the illustrations and designs required for Social Media Marketing as well as for the Website. They are responsible for creating all the banners, pamphlets, brochures, flyers, logos, etc. This job is for a person who loves to draw and sketch, who is creative, and can show their creativeness in digital form. Companies hire these people for Social Media Marketing, UI design, UX design, or fly designs. According to the Bureau of labor statistics (BLS), the median annual wage for graphic designers in top industries was $50710 as of May 2021. 

2) Content Writing: One of the best jobs that don't involve coding is content writing. 
Content writers are the people who do content creating, these people are mainly responsible for creating blogs, articles, content for document pages, etc. Content writers are paid on an hourly basis or document basis. This is one of the best freelancing jobs you can get in which you have to write on a topic and enlighten the users about the topic in a very simple form. According to the Bureau of labor statistics (BLS), The median annual wage for technical writers was $78,060 in May 2021.

3) UI/ UX designer: UI stands for user interface and UX stands for User experience. UI contains all the elements by which people interact with the product such as buttons, icons, menu bars, colors, etc. UX refers to the experience of a user in which they are interacting with the product. It focused on User experience and efficiency the main difference between the UI and UX designer is UX designer focuses on the overall feel of the experience whereas UI Designer focuses on the product's interface looks and functions. This is one of the jobs you want to get if you are not that into coding but excellent with editing skills. According to the Bureau of labor statistics (BLS), the median annual wage for graphic designers in top industries was $77,200 as of May 2021.

4) SEO specialist: The full of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It is mainly the optimization to rank your business to the top of the google search. Your website should not be optimized up to your perspective rather it should be on the basis of audience perspective. SEO Specialist earn about $50,000 to 75,000$ a year. SEO Specialist is responsible for these: 

a) performing keyword research 
b) collaborating with content teams to 1 INR hence the sq within the content that is the on-page SEO 
c) collaborating with the development teams to ensure no errors or redirection errors or broken links are there on the site 
d) improve the search engine rankings by doing various Optimisation 
e) to track unable to evaluate the website analytics by using different to strike Google Analytics ubersuggest ahrefs, etc. 

5) Sales: Sale is the transaction between two or more parties in which the buyer receives goods or services in exchange for money. A sales representative is a professional who initiates and manages the relationship with his customers. He is responsible for communicating the benefits of the company's products in order to drive sales the seal is done in inside sales and outside sales all, all you need for sales is confidence, good communication skills, and good persuasion skills. 

So these are the top 5 jobs that don't require coding at all if you are struggling with the coding part you may instead look for these jobs and be skillful in this first of all you can what you can do is can learn about these that is a bit on your overall look for summer internships and when you think that you are enjoying in this field you can do this job by enjoying you may search for a job in this. For searching for jobs and internships LinkedIn is the best platform and for the courses, you can either visit YouTube or udemy.