Importance of Microsoft 365 for small-medium organizations
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Importance of Microsoft 365 for small-medium organizations

Microsoft 365 is one of the most efficient and essential software tools used by small to large organizations for managing their workforce in the cloud. It is an integrated Microsoft solution, which collaborates fully with office 365 and additionally provides advanced security features and device management capabilities. This full business solutions contains the application and creative tools that can help support productivity, efficiency, connectivity, communications, workflows, collaboration, and teamwork throughout all level of your business. Microsoft 365 business premium and other versions provide you one stop solution to all your business needs.

Here are 5 ways that Microsoft 365 boots productivity, connectivity, and efficiency across your organizations.

Access files anytime, anywhere

Microsoft 365 allows your business to store all the files in cloud. It allows you to access your documents, emails, calendar, and contacts on any device from any location with the internet connection. If you are travelling somewhere and need to open an important document, then you have an option to open those files using the web browser, meaning you are not tied to a device and can work just as securely and effectively from a personal machine or an internet café.

Business Continuity

Another major benefit of Microsoft 365 is it stored all the files in cloud regularly and backed up. No matter what happened to your physical devices your organization continue to operate as normal as your data safely stored in the cloud. Microsoft 365 has built-in file recovery for accidental deletion. Also, Microsoft themselves are effectively managing the infrastructure for you-deploying the necessary patches and updates, meaning you will always have the latest version of the tools for your business automation.

Safe and Secure

Microsoft 365 is primarily built on the robust principles of security and privacy. Some of the security features you can benefit from Microsoft 365 are:

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Mobile device management
  • Advanced threat protection
  • Encrypted email
  • Data loss prevention
  • Role basis access control
  • Security reports

Improved Communications

Microsoft Teams is designed to make effective remote connection possible. Users will be able to communicate more effectively than ever before-no matter where they are working from or what devices they are using. Teams has great features include:

  • Chat functions
  • Integration with share point and one drive
  • Online meeting
  • Video conferencing and screen sharing

All these features mean you can be in constant and immediate contact with teams and individuals wherever they are located and at any time.

Cost Optimization

Microsoft 365 is paid for as subscription model with cost effective options to give flexibility in your business. As a subscription-based application, you can only need to pay for the license you are using. There is a variety of Microsoft 365 license and plans from which you can choose and change the number of licenses you have at any time. This saves you from having to pay more for all the extra tools they won’t ever need to use.