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What role does site speed play in digital marketing?

The speed of your website has an impact on your SEO, sponsored search, and paid social channels, which is why it's so vital.

Given that mobile devices are used by a big percentage of internet users, optimizing for mobile has never been more crucial. Mobile page speed is now a contributing ranking element following improvements to Google's ranking algorithm, especially the Speed Update in July 2018 and the more current Page Experience Update that began rolling out in August 2021.
What does this signify for search engine optimization? In other words, if your competitors' website outperforms yours in terms of page speed and serve material to users faster than you do, this will be taken into account for ranking purposes. Not only that, but page speed is crucial for reducing bounce rates and increasing conversions, so making sure your pages’ load in under 2 seconds should be a top concern.

Paid Search

products/services they've looked for, as well as providing the most seamless user experience possible while they're on the site. This means that brands with a strong landing page experience and faster site speed will be rewarded with higher quality ratings, which will result in lower costs per click for those brands!
Why pay more per click, waste advertising funds, and then give users a bad experience once they get on your site? Conversions might drop by as much as 20% for every second that a mobile page takes to load.

Paid Social

When it comes to prioritizing your ads on Facebook, it's similar to how Google prioritizes paid ads. Facebook aims to show the most relevant results based on a user's preferences.
As previously stated, a speedier website simply equals a better user experience. Facebook previously declared that ads would henceforth be prioritized based on speed and user experience. There are a number of elements that influence Facebook's algorithm when it comes to social ads, but a fast load time will give your ad a greater priority in the newsfeed, whereas slow load times can lead your ad to be downgraded or even ignored. Is this something you can afford to happen?

What's your next move?

Talk to us at Techquity now that you understand how vital site speed is to your website, from influencing digital channels to having a direct impact on your conversions.

Let's see what changes you may make to make your digital marketing efforts more effective.